What Size Breaker for a 50 Amp Plasma Cutter Do I Need?

May 20, 2024 | Plasma Cutting Tips

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Hypertherm plasma cutters continue to be a game-changer in the metal fabrication industry. However, before you can enjoy the speed and accuracy they offer, it is vital to get the setup right.

To do so, there’s a lot you’ll need to figure out, including what size breaker for a 50 amp plasma cutter to get.

As complex as this might sound, it’s actually a lot more straightforward. Read on to learn all you need to know about matching your 50 amp air plasma cutter with the right breaker.

How Plasma Cutters Work

As with all machinery, the key to nailing your plasma cutter’s setup is understanding how it functions.

Plasma cutters work by sending an electric pilot arc through oxygen, nitrogen, or argon gas passing through a nozzle at high frequency. The arc heats the gas, turning it into plasma. It is this plasma that gives your cutter its tremendous cutting power.

Why the Breaker Size Matters

Considering the amount of heat needed to turn gas into plasma, you are going to be running your plasma cutter at peak capacity for extended periods. Using a small breaker when plasma cutting will make overloads a constant.

The last thing you want is for your cutter to keep tripping. This will make it almost impossible for you to achieve the high-quality cut you desire.

What Size Breaker Should You Get for a 50 Amp Plasma Cutter?

Are you unsure what size breaker for a 50 amp plasma cutter to use? Usually, a 50 amp breaker will be able to handle your cutter’s 50 amps indefinitely. The slow blow will take care of the peak when your cutter’s arc reaches its peak.

If you have an inverter plasma cutter, you can use a slightly smaller breaker. However, you can only use that breaker for your machine because it might trip at the slightest hint of an overload.

Technically, though, the precise breaker size you need will depend on your cutter’s model and power requirements. For instance, you can plug some plasma cutters directly into a standard residential wall socket.

You can check at the back or the side of the machine or on the product documentation for the specifications. The best thing you can do is follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you get the right size. 

High-Quality Machinery for All Your Plasma Cutting Needs

One main reason behind the sustained popularity of plasma cutters is their simplicity. For the most part, you can operate a 50 amp cutter without needing to upsize your 50 amp breaker. What’s more, you have the team from Cyrious Metal Works ready to offer any guidance you might need.

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