Six CNC Plasma Table Projects and Ideas

Oct 10, 2022 | Plasma Cutting Tips

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Are you interested in making a metal masterpiece? CNC plasma tables help with projects, from building your unique outdoor grill to whipping up a hilarious sign for the kitchen.

Plasma cutting is a lower-cost way to cut metals of varying thicknesses, giving you complete control over your final piece. A plasma table works better with stainless steel and mild steel than a CNC router, giving you the best tool for your plasma table projects.

Are you looking for new CNC plasma table projects? Explore your options for a low-cost CNC plasma table from Cyrious Metal Works and ceck out this list of ideas to spark your creativity.

1. Fire Pits

Create your own unique fire pit with a CNC plasma table. Adding intricate designs and shapes is a perfect way to introduce your style to projects. You can personalize each piece or create matching sets from the same template for friends and family.

2. Signs

Quirky signs for the kitchen, beautiful pieces of art that take centerstage, and personalized signs for businesses are one of the most requested CNC plasma cutter projects. Put your spin on them for personal flair, or add a business logo for an elegant piece to light up a home or business.

3. Tables

The CNC table possibilities are endless, from giant dining tables built to your taste to small matching end tables perfect for a dorm. Plasma cutting allows you to create whatever you want. Fabricate a whole set for an eclectic look, each piece matching yet unique in its own right.

4. Gates

You might not think of gates when planning CNC plasma table projects, but a well-made gate is a work of art. From simple gates for your back garden to intricate entryways worthy of a mansion, elevate your home or keep your clients coming back for more by building stunning metal gates with a CNC plasma table.

5. Lawn Ornaments

People love lawn ornaments, from life-sized dinosaurs to a completely metal-fabricated fairy garden. With your CNC plasma table, you can build anything you want, real or imagined. Scare the trick-or-treaters this Halloween with your take on goblins and ghouls holding bowls of candy.

6. Wine Holders

Create wine holders in various sizes for individuals or businesses, each made individually and with character, giving a home or business a practical centerpiece to show off a wine collection.

Jumpstart Your CNC Plasma Table Projects with Cyrious Metal Works

Whether you are a master plasma cutter or interested in starting a new DIY project, seeing a few new ideas always helps your creativity. Cyrious Metal Works can help you through your CNC plasma table projects and make sure you are using the right one for your project.

Why a plasma cutter is not working is one of our most asked questions about this powerful tool, and we are here to deliver. If you need help navigating the world of metal fabrication, call our Cyrious Metal Works team at (903) 771-2462, and we can work through any issues you may have. Happy fabricating!