How To Improve Plasma Cut Quality   

Feb 5, 2024 | Plasma Cutting Tips

Precision plasma cutting has come a long way. However, there’s always room for improvement in the cutting process.    

Need a few tips on how to improve plasma cut quality? Cyrious Metal Works put together a few plasma cutting best practices to help in improving plasma cut results. Cyrious Metal Works develops high-quality plasma tables, hypertherm plasma cutters, and accessories. Keep reading to learn several plasma cutting optimization tips.   

Tips for Better Plasma Cutting   

The following tips should go a long way toward enhancing plasma cutting quality.   

Focus on Cut Direction   

In most cases, the plasma arc spins clockwise as you move the torch into the cut. As such, expect the squarest cut angles to be on the right side. For the best results, check that the torch moves counterclockwise on an inside cut and clockwise on outside cuts.  

Check the Consumables    

Ensure the machine has the proper consumables and torch components and that they have no surface imperfections. Otherwise, replace them as necessary. Confirm that the nozzle is round and that the nozzle or swirl ring has no debris.   

Square Your Torch to the Workpiece   

Still wondering how to improve plasma cut quality? Confirm that the table and workplace are level, then square your torch to the workpiece.    

Remember that if you have warped or bent metal, you’ll have a tough time squaring the torch, forcing you to accept suboptimal cut quality.   

Check the Torch-To-Work Distance   

Ensure the torch isn’t too far or too close to the workpiece to avoid angled and rounded cut edges, and adjust the torch-to-work distance as your consumables wear.   

Check Your Air/Gas Quality   

If using an air plasma, ensure you have clean, dry, oil-free air. Consider using an inline filter and dryer.    

The air quality affects consumable life and cut quality. Low air pressure will also compromise air quality. 

Ensure Proper Cutting Speed   

Confirm that you follow the proper specs and that your machine is carrying out the intended move. Too much or too little speed will compromise cut quality. Adjust the speed accordingly to enjoy a quality improvement in plasma cutting.   

Use and Follow the Right Cut Charts   

Refer to the cut charts in your system manual and select the proper process for your cutting application.   

The cut charts will provide detailed information on the consumables, shield gases, and appropriate plasma needed based on the material type, material thickness, productivity goals, and desired cut quality.   

The cut parameters will also list the appropriate gas pressures or flow rates, arc voltage, torch-to-work distance, and cutting speed.   

Check for Table Issues and Poor Motion   

Poor motion and other table issues can also cause plasma cut quality issues. Vibrations or play, for example, will compromise cut quality, especially at higher speeds or detailed work with rapid motion changes. Consider a table tune-up.   

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