How To Make Money With a CNC Plasma Table

Jul 14, 2022 | Plasma Cutting Tips

CNC plasma cutting tools are efficient, precision units suitable for various applications. They cost a lot of money, so exploring how you can make money with your fully-kitted CNC plasma table makes sense.

This article will cover some ideas if you’re looking to switch from hobbyist use of plasma cutting tables to building a business around them.

Cut Decorative Pieces

There is no limit to the type of decorative materials you can make. A plasma cutter can cut through steel, brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum without crashing. You need to use the right torch height and maintain height control during projects.

You can make designs for holidays like Christmas and New Year’s or make metal art for walls and tables. You can make floral prints, replicate animals, recreate places of geographical interest, cut pictures of notable people, and more.

You can sell the pieces on Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and similar platforms. You only need to cut sample pieces and display pictures to attract willing buyers.

Make Jewelry 

If you have excellent CNC control, you can pick up jewelry making. This requires more attention to detail and the design skill to make unique pieces. As with decorative pieces, you only need to make a few of these to start.

However, you’ll need to make Instagram an integral part of your marketing for the new design.

Make Signs

You can make signs for small businesses in your locality with your CNC plasma table. This requires physically seeking out prospective clients, showing them an attractive redesign of their current sign, and encouraging them to switch to a plasma cut.

It only takes one client for others to come on board. Once you complete your first redesign, take some pictures and market your business online to attract nearby clients you may not reach physically.

Seek Jobs in Small Construction Businesses

A CNC plasma table will always have a part in the construction industry. If there are any small metal works businesses around you, you can check them out to see whether they have enough work to hire an extra hand.

You can explore taking on projects from your workshop if you want the flexibility. 

Offer Your Workshop to Hobbyists

CNC plasma tables cost thousands of dollars, and many hobbyists can’t afford them. Renting out your workspace for a fee is another excellent way to make money. Work out a reasonable compensation plan and draft a use agreement to protect yourself.

Once you have it all set up, you can find prospective clients online at CNC machining communities and on social media.


The above are excellent ways to make money with your CNC plasma table. You can combine as many as possible to expand your income stream and grow the business from side gig to full-time.

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