Metal Sign Fabrication Using a Plasma Cutting Table: A Short Guide

Dec 20, 2022 | Plasma Cutting Tips

While there are several metal sign fabrication methods you can turn to, more and more fabrication shops are opting for CNC plasma cutting tables.

Do you want to make custom metal signs for indoor and outdoor use for your business? This short guide will take you through the basics of how to do so, highlighting the cost-effective CNC plasma table we provide.

What Is a Plasma Table?

A CNC plasma table or plasma cutter is a computer-controlled metal cutting system that operates by forcing compressed air through a nozzle at high speeds. With the introduction of a spark, the compressed air creates plasma that cuts through the metal.

Depending on your setup, you can cut mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, brass, and other non-ferrous and ferrous materials.

Plasma Table Features

Though the features vary from plasma table to plasma table, this metal sign fabrication system generally contains features such as:

  • Plasma torch
  • Power supply
  • Control system
  • Automatic torch height controller
  • Nesting software
  • Square guide rail
  • Oiling system
  • Servo motor
  • Water tank

How to Use a CNC Plasma Cutting Table

Here’s how to use your CNC plasma table to create your desired custom metal sign.

Turn on the Compressor, Machine, and Ventilation

Begin by switching on the air compressor. Next, turn on the plasma CAM control system, then power on your plasma cutter. Be sure to wait for the control board to show no error codes.

Finally, turn on the ventilation system.

Input Material Settings

Measure your material’s thickness and insert it into the control system. Afterward, set your plasma cutter to the proper amperage settings.

Switch on the Auto-Cutting Option

Ensure that you power on your system’s auto-cutting option after initialization and inputting material settings.

Import Your Custom Design

Next, import the design you wish to cut into your metal. Remember to scale the design to your desired size, ensuring that you align it to the material.

Cut the Metal

Once you are satisfied with the design’s size and layout, you can proceed to cut the material.

For safety, ensure that you avoid looking directly into the cutter’s arc without proper eye protection. Also, avoid touching the metal without gloves.

High-Quality Turnkey CNC Plasma Tables

Whether you are new to metal sign fabrication or are looking to upgrade your fabrication shop, our CNC plasma tables can offer you the solutions you need.

At Cyrious Metal Works, we dedicate our specialized expertise and vast experience to creating user-friendly devices that make your fabrication experience enjoyable.

Your satisfaction is our priority.

Besides providing products that address your needs, we also offer lifetime tech support. From helping you pick the right plasma table to installing it, guiding you through the software, and answering all fabrication-related inquiries, we are here for you.

Creating your own masterpieces has never been easier. Contact Cyrious Metal Works at (903) 771-2462 and enjoy reliable metal sign fabrication solutions. We also invite you to continue browsing our site to learn all you need to know about plasma cutting.