4 Must-Have Accessories For Your Plasma Tables

Aug 24, 2021 | Plasma Cutting Tips


A fabrication machine can save you a lot of time when you are working on metal fabrication. The right plasma table accessories can ensure that your daily workflow is efficient and effective. Work with Cyrious Metal Works to get the plasma cutting accessory you need.

Computer Station

Having an attached computer station will make it much more likely that your table will perform better for you on a daily basis. A computer station also keeps your computer protected during a busy and dusty day. Having a computer perched alongside the machine is not a good idea.

Air Scribe/ Plate Maker

If you need to write, draw, and design on your metal plates as you are cutting, you need an air scribe or plate maker tool. It can be added easily to your table and it will save you a lot of fabrication time when you are making items for the products that you sell.

Hand Torch

The attached hand torches can make it possible for you to finish and improve products as you are cutting them. This is an easy item to add to your table that will allow you the flexibility to reach lots of items on the table from all sides and angles.

Hand Pendant

A hand pendant is an amazing item to add to your table. You can control the table with your hand pendant at the touch of a button. You will be able to be away from the table and work on what you are cutting at the same time. This will save you lots of time and make monitoring your work very easy.

The Right Accessories Make a Difference

The right accessories on your table can make sure that you are able to work efficiently and accurately all day long. There is nothing better than making items with ease and a high level of quality. Cyrious Metal Works can connect you with the right accessories that will take care of all of your plasma cutting needs.