How Much Does a Plasma Cutter Cost: Factors to Consider

Dec 5, 2022 | Plasma Cutting Tips

How much does a plasma cutter cost? Many automotive repair shops and industrial construction services utilize plasma cutters for large-scale metal fabrication projects. Small business owners and farmers also utilize plasma cutters for equipment repair.

Choosing suitable plasma cutters from Hypertherm depends on your budget and intended use of the plasma cutter. 

Thankfully, you can find many different plasma cutters on the market. Find the perfect plasma systems for your needs by reaching out to your local plasma table salespeople.

Continue reading to learn the many factors to consider when purchasing a new plasma cutter. 

3 Tips for Purchasing Plasma Cutters

Before purchasing the first plasma cutter offered to you, consider the specifications of various plasma cutters. Some plasma cutters, like the Cut 55DS, are mobile. They use compressed air pressure to cut through stainless steel and aluminum.

Consider these elements to help you find the perfect plasma cutter:


Plasma cutters vary widely in price. Small plasma cutters range from $300 to $800, while larger industrial-grade CNC plasma cutting tables cost upwards of $15,000. Before making your selection, think about the metal fabrication projects for which you’ll use the plasma cutter. 

Many plasma cutter retailers offer financing options for purchasing plasma cutters, LinuxCNC software, and consumables. No matter your budget, cheap plasma cutters are available to everyone. Speak to your local plasma cutter retailers if you’re wondering, “How much does a plasma cutter cost?”

Type of Metal Cutting 

Handheld plasma cutters probably won’t provide optimal cutting abilities if you operate a scrap yard, automotive factory, or construction company. Many smaller plasma cutters can’t supply the cutting speeds or cut capacity necessary for commercial and industrial operations.

Ask yourself the following questions before purchasing a plasma cutter: 

  • How thick is the metal I need to cut?
  • What type of metal, aluminum, copper, or steel am I working with? 
  • Do I require handheld or automated cutting capabilities? 
  • Do I have enough power to support automated cutting? 

Experts recommend purchasing plasma cutters that can cut metals to your desired thickness 75% of the time. The ongoing cost of buying plasma cutters beyond your needed capabilities will leave your customers disappointed. Match your needs to various available plasma cutters to start successfully cutting metal. 


Many small businesses require mobile plasma cutters to mend fences and repair vehicles. Consider your potential plasma cutter’s mobility before making a purchase. Larger plasma cutters are stationary but provide improved cutting speeds and precision. 

Trust Cyrious Metal Works for All Your Plasma Cutter Needs

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