5 Tips on How to Use a Plasma Cutter for Art

Apr 5, 2023 | Plasma Cutting Tips

Let Cyrious Metal Works reveal how to use a plasma cutter for art-call us today!

Knowing how to use a plasma cutter for art makes for an amazing opportunity to get creative with metal. You may even see plasma cutting in a new light.

In this post, Cyrious Metal Works explains how hypertherm plasma cutters are boosting custom metal artwork, whether your art is making holes, gates, sculptures, decor, or any of a thousand creative projects.

#1 Do Freehand Cutting or Stencils

These powerful tools fit in with every art style, whether you want to create powerful sculptures freehand using a handheld cutter or make your metal art more uniform using stencils. Why not create a custom design for a stencil? 

When you start thinking about how to use plasma cutting for art, you will also need to choose whether to use a handheld tool or a plasma cutting table. Which is better? That’s up to you.

The table takes up far more space but makes tackling larger projects easier. What you decide will depend on your preferences and typical projects. The handheld models typically come with a lower voltage, so they are unable to cut through thick sheets of metal. 

#2 Create Sculptures

Traditionally, artists melted bronze and copper into a form and then cast a statue. While this is highly effective, there are some downsides. If the mold has any imperfections, they show in the final artwork, and it is a lengthy process to make alterations. 

What if you don’t like a piece? You would have to make a new mold, melt the piece, and start again. However, with a plasma cutter, you can just make adjustments directly to the piece.

#3 Make Panels and Screens

Why limit yourself to wall art? Screens for fireplaces, privacy screens, and decorative panels are all ways to express yourself. There is usually a good market for functional art, so you don’t have to remain a starving artist forever.

#4 Craft Signs

Sign-making is something of a lost art but one that is growing in demand. Businesses and property owners of all kinds are on the lookout for fun and quirky signs. Add some customizable features and take your art to the next level.

#5 Create Beautiful Ironwork

Can you shape metal beautifully? Create beautiful fences or pot hangers or any of a thousand decor items that consumers will collect. Make them with your own artistic touch, so your clients have something beautiful and unique. 

Contact the Experts to Discuss Your Ideal Plasma Cutter

As every artist knows, a shortcut to great art can be a lifesaver. You do not need the most expensive machine on the market, but there’s no denying the benefits of a quality plasma cutter.

Call Cyrious Metal Works at  (903) 623-6766 today for the best deal on the right plasma cutter. Once you have your new art tool, you might even have to write a book on how to use a plasma cutter for art.