Why Is My Plasma Cutter Not Working?

Sep 1, 2022 | Plasma Cutting Tips

A plasma cutter is a tool that many professional workers and hobbyists can’t afford to not have in their workshops. It is a valuable tool that allows you to cut through various conductive metals, even the most sturdy ones. 

However, like with other tools, a plasma cutter can stop working for numerous reasons. 

Common Issues with Plasma Cutters 

Sooner or later, you may face plasma cutter malfunctions and breakdowns. Here are some of the most common reasons your plasma cutter isn’t working.

Dirty Air Compressor 

As you operate the cutter, you may notice that the air compressor doesn’t blow away the debris and cut material. The problem might be a clogged compressor or improper setting. You should set the cubic feet per minute rating at a specific amount, as per the owner’s manual. 

Clogged Cutting Tip 

As you use the plasma cutter, you will notice it collects metal slag and dirt particles. Over time, these particles can accumulate and cause the electrical current to discharge. When this happens, you should turn off the cutter and clean the tip’s end, ensuring there are no traces of slag and dust. 

The Ground Clamp Isn’t Connected

You must connect the grounding clamp to the workpiece to make a clean cut. Ideally, you should position it near the point where you want to make your cut. By doing so, the cutter can create the charge and melt the metal or stainless steel.

Dirty Cutting Surface 

The plasma torch works by making a connection with the metal or another material you are cutting, so it is essential to make the surface spotless. An unclean cutting surface can hamper the electrical current and cause various issues with your plasma cutter. 

Before or after each project, it is advisable to clean the surface of any oil, dust, rust, and other impurities. 

Burned Tip 

Another reason why your plasma cutter isn’t working during the duty cycle is because of a burned tip. As the tool is cutting, it burns back the tips, affecting the shape of the cutting hole. 

When the hole gets larger, the plasma cutter won’t work as efficiently as before. The best way to solve this problem is by changing the tips. It is also a good idea to have spare tips so you can change them quickly before they burn and cause damage. 

Plasma Cutting Tips 

Here are some excellent tips to help you avoid plasma cutting malfunctions:

  • Set up a clean working area (and keep it clean)
  • Secure the ground clamp 
  • Read the user’s manual and make sure you use the tool right 

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