Plasma Cutter Safety Tips and Standards  

Jun 5, 2023 | Plasma Cutting Tips

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Plasma cutters are incredibly powerful machines, capable of cutting metals like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. However, these machines require safe operation to avoid accidents.  

In general, anyone allowed to use a computer numerical control (CNC) machine should have training in proper machine use. At Cyrious Metal Works, we offer free training and support to all our customers.   

Whatever the equipment, whether hand-held Hypertherm plasma cutters or CNC plasma tables, the proper safety guidelines help to keep the operator, workpiece, and environment safe. Let’s discuss a few plasma cutter safety best practices.  

Protective Clothing  

Besides powerful arc rays, plasma cutters emit sparks, hot lags, and other debris that can cause injury. As such, operators should employ some personal protective equipment (PPE) to minimize these threats.  

Great options include flame-resistant clothing coupled with close-toed shoes (leather shoes or boots work well). Wearing hearing protection will also help operators avoid hearing damage and permanent hearing loss.  

Eye Protection  

Plasma cutters produce intense ultraviolet and infrared light rays that can burn the eyes and skin. Protective clothing can protect your skin, but you need the additional protection of a face shield and safety glasses with the correct lens shade to protect your face and eyes.  

The machine’s amperage will determine the appropriate lens shade to protect the eyes against light radiation. Anyone else with access to the cutting area needs to be protected from the resulting glare and flash with barriers and screens approved by ANSI.  

Proper Grounding and Wiring  

CNC machines generate high amounts of electrical output that may lead to a fatal shock if misused. Ensure your plasma cutter is wired properly and grounded. Plasma cutter safety experts also recommend keeping the workspace dry and free of wetness or moisture.  

Inspect the equipment routinely for effective grounds, don’t work in wet environments, and wear rubber gloves in addition to welding gloves to minimize the risk of electrocution.   

Worn cables and poor connections raise the risk of electrocution as well. Inspect these daily.  

Proper Ventilation  

The fumes and gases produced during the plasma-cutting process make it necessary for operators to work in well-ventilated spaces or while wearing respirators that comply with ANSI standards.  

Some coatings release toxic fumes during the cutting process. Removing the coating beforehand minimizes exposure to toxic fumes.   

Regular Machine Maintenance  

Like all mechanical equipment, CNC machines need regular maintenance to work efficiently and safely. Consider the following maintenance guidelines:  

  • Change used parts regularly  
  • Ensure perfect plasma torch assembly  
  • Clean the plasma cutter regularly  
  • Check the cooling system regularly  

Trust the Experts  

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