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Affordable Plasma Cutters From Cyrious Metal Works

Here at Cyrious Metal Works, we are proud to partner with Hypertherm to offer the best in plasma cutters. In the past 50+ years, Hypertherm has established itself as the leaders in metal fabrication and industrial cutting, and their innovative line of Hypertherm plasma cutters continue to set the standard today. Whether you’re looking to replace an old plasma cutter or pair your new CNC plasma table with the best plasma cutter available, we have the options to fit various budgets and needs.

Choose between numerous Hypertherm® Powermax plasma cutters, including:

Our plasma cutters come with many incredible features:

  • Marking
  • Precision Gouging
  • Fine-Feature Cutting
  • Portability

Upgrade Your Workspace

We understand that every metal fabrication shop or workspace is different, and we make it a point to adhere to those differences with easy-to-use, portable plasma cutters from Hypertherm. Whether you’re an experienced veteran in the world of metal fabrication or are operating your machine for the first time, Hypertherm makes it easy for fabricators of all skill levels to operate at a high level. With five different Hypertherm plasma cutters and the supporting accessories on hand, we can help you upgrade your workspace today!

Versatile Plasma Cutters

There’s a reason Hypertherm developed into the most trusted name in the world of plasma cutting, and we pride ourselves on partnering with the best. Hypertherm plasma cutters make it easier than ever to get a clean, precise cut every single time. With innovative features — including the LCD screen, automatically adjusted gas pressure, and low-line voltage — we’re sure you’ll fall in love with your new plasma cutter in no time. Hypertherm plasma cutters can be used as handheld devices or as an attachment to your mechanized cutting. With metal cutting capacities extending up to 1 inch, we are happy to help you find the plasma cutter that’s appropriate for your metal fabrication needs!

Cyrious Metal Works Has You Covered

If you’re anything like us, metal fabrication is more than just a hobby or profession — it’s a passion unlike any other. From beautiful, meaningful pieces of art to functional equipment and parts, we have seen firsthand the impact that metal fabrication can have. When you’re looking for a plasma cutter to improve the functionality of your metal fabrication needs, we have you covered with the best of the best. Our team members are Hypertherm experts and would be happy to help you understand which plasma cutter is right for you. Experience the Cyrious Metal Works difference today!

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