How To Choose the Right Plasma-Cutting Consumables

Dec 20, 2023 | Plasma Cutting Tips

Do you have a project in the works that demands precision? The proper plasma-cutting consumables won’t just make that job a breeze; they will also ensure the end result is a cut above the rest. 

As the go-to provider of Hypertherm plasma cutters, we at Cyrious Metal Works know a thing or two about these nimble devices. Keep reading as we help ensure you don’t waste your hard-earned dough on incompatible implements.

Metal Thickness

Do you frequently work with robust steel panels or lighter, more delicate sheets of aluminum? For the heavy-duty stuff, you’ll need durable plasma torch consumables that can handle higher amperage. 

A weaker machine might handle thicker metals, but you won’t have a clean cut. You’ll likely get a severe cut that leaves behind slag or dross.

In general, you should look for 25-amp products for 1/4-inch metals and 50 to 60-amp models for 3/4 and 1-inch metals.   

Shielded vs. Unshielded Precision Cutting Machine Consumables

Check your CNC cutting table. Does it have an ohmic sensing circuit with an electrical contact between the shield and material to determine the surface’s exact location? Narrow down your search to shielded plasma-cutting consumables.

If your machine doesn’t have ohmic sensing, get unshielded ones instead. These products have varying heights, so always account for that when setting up your torch height control.

Consumable Lifespan

Even premium plasma-cutting parts don’t last forever. The longevity of your parts significantly depends on how you use them and the frequency of usage. 

Most manufacturers test their top-performance plasma cutter accessories under optimal conditions and share the details in their product specs. The real world is a far cry from laboratory settings, so you should expect some variation from these figures. It’s always smart to have a stash of consumables on hand. 

Most standard all-copper electrodes no longer perform optimally when their hafnium pit depth reaches 0.04 inches. Silver products remain safe up to 0.08 inches.

Do You Keep Needing To Replace Consumables?

If you buy high-quality plasma cutter consumables but find them wearing out faster than anticipated, don’t merely chalk it up to bad luck or subpar products. Common culprits include:

  • Incorrect torch height placement
  • Arc stops at the wrong moment
  • Low gas supply
  • Insufficient coolant flow
  • Subpar work cable connection

Double-checking your setup can save you a bundle and extend the life of your consumables. Why waste more money than necessary when a few tweaks could make a world of difference?

Source Your Products from an Established Company

The last thing you need is a faux pas from a shoddy manufacturer mucking up your work. At Cyrious Metal Works, we’re not just vendors. We’re craftspeople just like you, and we understand that your time, money, and reputation are on the line with each cut. 

Call us at (903) 771-2462 and find the long-lasting plasma-cutting consumables you need. We also have air dryers for plasma cutters, router tables, and other accessories to take your metalwork to new heights.