Air Scribe / Plate Marker

Air Scribe / Plate Marker

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Cyrious Metal Works has the best air scribes and plate markers to complement your plasma CNC table.

  • Can be added to virtually any CNC plasma table
  • Bolts directly to the Cyrious Z Axis
  • Allows you to write, draw, and design on various metals
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Air Scribe/Plate Marker

Have you been searching for the easiest way to add words, numbers, and artwork to your metal? Our air scribe and plate marker is the perfect addition to any CNC plasma table as it allows you to carve intricacies into the metal as if you were writing with a pen! There is no better supplier of plasma cutter accessories and tables than Cyrious metal Works. If you have any questions about how to use or install our plate market, give us a call today.

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