Cyrious 8x8x20 Powder Coat Oven

Cyrious 8x8x20 Powder Coat Oven

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  • Oven doors and door frames will be fabricated from 3 inch square tubing. All welded construction.
  • Modular Oven wall and roof panels will be fabricated from 20GA galvanized steel. 4-6 inch-high temperature rockwool insulation all around rated up to 2000F.
  • Double doors on front end with heavy duty latch system. Pass Through Configurations Available
  • Oven will operate on natural gas or propane. 1-4M BTU TOTAL.
  • Burner & Control Panel Module Mounted on Rear Section.
  • Digital Temperature Controller, Digital Timer, Over Temp Reset.
  • Control Panel 120v single phase.
  • Oven will have several safety devices, including door limit switches, air circulating fan sensor, exhaust fan sensor, Hi / Lo gas pressure switches.

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