Cyrious Router Attachment

Cyrious Router Attachment

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When you want to upgrade your table’s routing capabilities, a router attachment from Cyrious Metal Works is the best option.

  • Allows you to route wood, aluminum, and other materials
  • Attaches to Cyrious Z Axis and Super ZX Axis
  • Includes variable-speed router
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Cyrious Router Attachment

Upgrading your CNC plasma table’s routing capabilities has never been easier than it is with our Cyrious Router Attachment. Compatible with Cyrious Z Axis and Super ZX Axis cutters, this attachment allows you to good wood, aluminum, and other machinable materials. Begin cutting and designing more pieces than you ever imagined with a Cyrious Router Attachment.

  • One (1) Cyrious Router Attachment
  • One (1) Makita RF1101 Variable-Speed Router (8,000 to 24,000 RPMs)


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