Cyrious Z Axis

Cyrious Z Axis

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Order a new Cyrious Z Axis from the leaders in metal fabrication.

  • Have complete control over your cut with ohmic sensing
  • Easy connectability with a collision-detection torch mount
  • Maximum safety with a rigid dual rail system
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Cyrious Z Axis

If you’re looking for the best accessories and equipment for all of your metal fabrication needs, you’ve come to the right place. Our Cyrious Z Axis offer the best combination of control, customization, and safety for all of your metal cutting projects. You won’t find a better accessory anywhere. Call us today to learn more about the capabilities of our Cyrious Z Axis.

The Cyrious Z axis does not include the Ohmic sensor.  You will have to add the Ohmic sensor when ordering this product.

  • Collision-detection torch mount
  • Backup touch-off

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