Hand Pendant PN200

Hand Pendant PN200

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Have complete control of your CNC plasma table from the palm of your hand with the PN200 Hand Pendant.

  • Control the movements of your plasma table from the palm of your hand
  • Choose between keypad and jog-stick controls
  • Move at four different speeds to be as precise as possible
  • Control your Cyrious digital torch height.
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Hand Pendant PN200

This is not some game controller or limited function MPG used just to jog your CNC plasma table around. The PN200 is a comprehensive hand control that puts total control of your Cyrious plasma machine at your fingertips. The PN200 is extremely versatile and tied tightly to your Cyrious plasma table, meaning any action performed on the PN200 will show on the console, and vice versa. You can quickly see the status of critical settings on the front of the PN200 with the multiple-status LEDs. Most are two-color LEDs, making it easy to display several states. If you need to see the important objects on your screen — including XYZ DROs, feed-rate and override numbers, and THC settings/numbers — just click on the PN200 “SCREEN” button and up pops a custom screen on your monitor with large readouts you can see from across the room.

The PN200 allows you to use the keypad or the 360-degree proportional jog stick to move at four different speeds and ranges. Ultra-slow jog and single-step mode allow you to get as precise as you need when using your plasma table, and you can switch back and forth with the press of a button! Plus, you can do all of the precut setup (zero, reference, home, run macros, etc.) with one finger. The PN200 also gives you complete control of your Cyrious digital torch height — you can even adjust preset arc volts while you cut!

The PN200 is truly a breakthrough in CNC table pendants as it frees you from running back and forth to the keyboard when you are operating the table. Once you load the G-Code to cut into the PC, you can do the rest of the setup and run from the PN200. You can also equip your PC with a large monitor to make the entire CNC plasma table kit almost completely remote.

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