Hypertherm 125 Hand Torch

Hypertherm 125 Hand Torch

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Equip your CNC plasma table with a Hypertherm 125 Hand Torch from Cyrious Metal Works.

  • Adds customization to your CNC plasma table
  • 25 feet long
  • Allows you to work on projects that won’t fit on your table
  • Gives you more mobility when working
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Hypertherm 125 Hand Torch

Let’s face it — sometimes hand-cutting is the best and only option for a project. When mechanized cutting won’t do the job properly, turn to a hand torch from Hypertherm. We carry a plethora of hand torches from the industry’s leaders to give you full hand-cutting capabilities when you need them. Begin completing projects you didn’t think were possible by adding a had torch to your metal fabrication setup.

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