Hypertherm Connect Kit

Hypertherm Connect Kit

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Automate your Hypertherm cutters with the Hypertherm Connect Kit from Cyrious Metal Works.

  • Automatically adjusts current and air pressure settings for five different Hypertherm cutters
  • Saves time and effort on your projects
  • Computable process makes switching between cutters easier than ever
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Hypertherm Connect Kit

The Hypertherm Connect allows remote control of current and air pressure settings on multiple Hypertherm plasma cutters, including models 45xp, 65, 85, 105, and 125. Values are set automatically from the Command CNC control software, meaning you never have to manually adjust your Hypertherm settings again! 

The kit also includes access to Soft Pierce, a software that extends the life of your cutters by optimizing amp settings and plunge rates throughout the cutting process. When you’re ready to improve efficiency on your projects, there is no better tool than the Hypertherm Connect Kit.

  • RS485 serial port for Hypertherm cutters
  • 25-foot long RJ45 Cat5E UTP cable
  • RJ45 to 5-pin RS485 plug adapter card
  • Linux USB drivers




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