Choosing the Right Type of Plasma Cutter for Any Cutting Job  

Nov 20, 2023 | Plasma Cutting Tips

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People use plasma cutters in metal fabrication and manufacturing to cut through electrically conductive materials. These devices send air or inert gas through a plasma torch, sparking an electrical arc and then forcing plasma through the tip of the torch to cut metal.  

Given the types of plasma cutters available in the market today, finding the right unit may prove challenging. As suppliers of Hypertherm plasma cutters and accessories, we’ll explore how to choose the right type of plasma cutter for your needs.  

Match Your Plasma Cutter to Your Work  

The type of plasma cutter you select will depend on the nature of the work you do. Plasma cutters can cut just about every kind of metal. Therefore, primary considerations when choosing one include the thickness and amount of metal you plan to cut.  

As you review plasma cutter options, the following considerations will narrow down your choices:  

Output Power  

A plasma cutter’s output power will determine what it can cut. Thicker materials require a higher cutting output power than thinner materials. Different fuel types offer varying efficiency and output power.  

Cutting Speed  

How fast your plasma cutter can tackle different materials depends on its output power and fuel consumption. Manufacturers note plasma cutting speeds as Inches Per Minute.  


Does your plasma torch need to go far? If so, consider a lightweight plasma cutter that runs off a generator. With countless types of plasma cutters out there, look for a unit from a reputable brand that can handle a generator’s electrical current fluctuations.  

Duty Cycle  

A plasma cutter’s duty cycle refers to the amount of time it can operate continuously within ten minutes before it needs cooling.  

Cut Quality  

Cut quality typically spans from fine and detailed to broad cutting. Your plasma torch, power supply, and fuel type determine the cut quality.  

The Torch  

Plasma cutting torches come in two main types: high-frequency starting systems and contact start torch systems. The former uses a high-voltage transformer, spark-gap assembly, and capacitors to create a spark, while the latter uses a nozzle or moving electrode to produce a spark that lights the pilot arc.  

Each torch has its pros and cons, so it helps to weigh your options and choose a design that fits your hand well, especially if you plan to use it for extended periods.  


Once you make the initial purchase, your ongoing costs will usually include cutting tips and electrodes. Learn as much as you can about the speed at which your machine will use these items.

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When choosing a plasma cutter, you want a machine that delivers the precision, cut quality, and productivity that your application demands.  

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