What Are Some Common Plasma Cutting Mistakes to Avoid?

Jun 13, 2022 | Plasma Cutting Tips

The mistakes in plasma cutting, which can cost thousands of dollars and time, can be avoided if you are a skilled person. You will be able to follow the instructions and avoid mistakes, thereby profiting from your company.

One common problem with using a plasma cutter is cutting mistakes. Using a plasma cutter can damage the consumable parts faster by cutting incorrectly and not getting a clean cut. Here are some common cutting mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

1. Using Incorrect Consumable Parts

When selecting consumable parts for plasma cutting, you should consider the power requirements, thickness of the workpiece, and size of the plasma flame. Usually, the manual for the cutting machine will indicate which consumable parts to use for different plasma cutting applications.

Using consumable parts other than those designed for your machine can reduce the quality of the cut and reduce the machine’s lifespan. Also, if you don’t feed a machine high enough power, it cannot function at full capacity. If you feed a machine too high of a voltage, it may burn out or malfunction.

2. Extreme Use of Consumables

Plasma cutting consumable parts, especially frequently used consumable parts, are a common cause of plasma cutting mistakes that ruin the material you are missing, damage the torch, and even cause extended downtime. 

To determine if a consumable part is worn out, check whether the consumable is discolored or whether the arc produces sound. Another indication of a worn-out consumable is the reduced height of the arc, which causes poor cuts. 

To avoid mistakes, you need to regularly inspect the plasma cutter’s unit and record the parts’ lifespans to know how long each part is likely to last. In this way, you can replace any parts before they become unusable. 

3. Installing the Torch Inappropriately

Improperly installed, the torch can cause electrical shorts and gas leaks. Torches should be installed with all their parts aligned and secure to avoid issues down the line.

When you replace parts of the torch, be careful to clean them from dust and dirt. Make sure not to contaminate the torch. You must lubricate the ring that seals the torch. If you put on too much lube, it can clog the air swirler and cause metal dust to contaminate the torch.

4. Fast Or Slow Cutting

The speed of your cuts can have a large effect on the quality of the cuts you get. If you cut too slowly, you might have gaps in your finished product. If you cut too quickly, you might wear parts out before their replacements are due, or you might not finish your project. To maximize your cuts, use the correct parts and cut at a speed that will let you complete your project.

5. Piercing Too Low

The farther or closer you place the gas torch to the material you are cutting, the composition of the material you are cutting affects the quality of the cut. The height of the torch also affects the quality of the cut. Avoiding splattering molten metal is essential when piercing. Use automatic torch height control (ATHC) to avoid mistakes.


Plasma cutting is a standard method for cutting pieces of metal. Plasma cutting cuts by using high-temperature plasma to melt through the workpiece. This results in a clean cut without causing much material discoloration. Plasma cutting increases productivity in the manufacturing industry. However, plasma cutting can cause a lot of mistakes, which can be avoided with good technique.

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